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If you’re a cat lover, I welcome you! As I’m so busy with my vet business during the day, I often find that I can’t dedicate as much time as I’d like to this blog. I do love writing about cats (well, my cats anyway) but by the time I get home from work… you know the drift! I’m too exhausted.

If you’re a cat lover and blogger, and want to contribute to my blog, please do contact me.

I welcome you to pitch me any cat-related topics.

What I’d like to publish more of on my blog:

  1. Tips about Cat care
  2. Cat breed information
  3. Your personal pet stories
  4. Anything else that is cat related!


Further Guidelines:

I’d like you to follow the guidelines below.

  1. Your article has to be original and not published anywhere else before!
  2. Basic decent grammar and spelling
  3. You may include your thoughts, personal beliefs when it comes to animals/cats. But please, nothing offensive or even defamatory!
  4. Feel free to include a little introduction of yourself and your blog. You may talk about your cat as well.
  5. Please include a photo. Whether it’s a real photo of yourself/your cat or a stock photo that is related. It doesn’t matter but please do include a photo. Afterall, no one wants to just read a bunch of words!
  6. If possible, please keep your article pretty detailed. And that means above 800 words at least!

Good to go?

Email:  me (at)