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Tips For Feeding Your Cat!

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Tips For Feeding Your Cat!

   Cat Feeding   September 6, 2017  Comments Off on Tips For Feeding Your Cat!

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Feeding a cat is a nightmare for many. This goes for all cat owners. The ones with the picky eaters and the ones on the pudgy side. Cats are quite opinionated when it comes to food. Therefore, if you have a cat, get these tips on feeding her.

Make the Right Choice

Making the choice between dry and canned food is always about preference and convenience. Dry food can be served very easily and it does not get spilt even if left out for the entire day. Dry cat food is also cheaper in comparison to canned food. However, if your cat loved canned food then try giving her the same. Canned food is high in its content of nutrients and this means that the better brands will have your cat eating smaller quantities for meeting her dietary requirements.

Cat Food- How Much and How Often

Cats generally have their important meals at dusk and dawn. How much food you must serve your cat will completely depend on her age, her size and how active your cat is. The best thing that you can do is consult your veterinary. Your veterinary will be able to help you out with the calculations. Also try paying close attention to calorie counts in the foods that you serve your cat. Always keep this in mind that cats are not good judges of the amount of food that they must actually eat. So, it is you who must be careful.

Temperature does Matters

As a cat owner, it is essential for you to know that cats generally prefer food close to temperature of their own body. So, if you are feeding canned food just out of the refrigerator, try warming it in the microwave. You can also warm it by adding some water and stir it properly.

Proper Placement is Important

By nature, cats like to have a very clear sight of their eating environment for detecting the approach of predators and rivals. Therefore, the placement of cat food has an important role to play in the level of relaxation and comfort offered to the cat during her feeding time. Avoid placing the cat’s dish right in the corner of the room because this will make the cat apprehensive of her surroundings. You can lessen this tension by positioning the cat’s dish in open. This maximizes sight lines.

Scraps should be Avoided

Always choose the best treats for your cat. Do not feed her leftover scraps from the table. You can go for a small amount of perfectly cooked chicken or fish or some portions of top quality liver. Regularly feeding the cat with scraps and other food items can result in serious illness. Also keep in mind that cats cannot take in cow’s milk and therefore you must completely avoid it.
If you have your cat placed on a weight control diet or prescription diet, you need to feed her in

controlled portions. Illnesses and other problems can be avoided in cats if they fed in the right manner.

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